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Rise of Robotnik Walthrough

2008-09-11 19:44:40 by idkmyname13

Sonic the Hedgehog
Rise of Robotnik
Henti Flash Game
---Updated December 20, 2009---

This is Probably one of the most well prepared flash games I've ever played. The maker is Telsa. I have no idea what his real name is, but when you make an awesome game, it doesn't matter.

Anyways, to complete this game all you have to do is make the right choices. Now, it does not matter which way you go, it just matters how the story ends (To get 100% that is)

Now if you want you can enjoy the story you can, or you can press the skip button and skip the story and enjoy the Henti. Whatever. One thing I would like to stress, at the end of the henti do not click the quit button. It happened to me alot. If you do, you will not get the rewards or the emerald.

So, here is how it will go. I will go down the list of emeralds, how you get to them, who you are going to be with in the end, and how much precentage it is worth. I am going to give the fastest way get there.

Here we go:

Yellow Chaous Emerald; Cream (Worth 12%):
Make these choices: To the gates-Save her

Blue Chaous Emerald; Sally (Worth 12%):
Make these choices: To the Gates-Stay with Sally-Lets Get Help

Purple Chaous Emerald; Bunnie (Worth 14%):
Make These Choices: To the Docks- Help him Out- Let's get Help

Red Chaous Emerald; Rouge (Worth 12%):
Make these choices: To the Prison-Investigate the Prison-I'll take Rouge, get Sally out Here!- Go with Rouge

Pink Chaous Emerald; Amy (Worth 16%):
Make the choices: To the Gates- Stay with Sally-I'll go you get help

Green Chaous Emerald;Dagger (Worth 12%):
Make these choices: To the Prison - Investigate the Prison - I'll take Rouge, get Sally out Here! - Wait for a minute;
Now you will meet Dagger. After you two have a short conversation, she will start to as you questions. Here are the correct answers to help you get Dagger: "You sure don't" - "How do I know you aren't" - "Give me yours first" - "I could ask you the same" - Red - The Communications tower - 2001 and 2002 - Blue and Brown - A pillar and a block.


Now as Dagger questions you, she is actually giving you clues to get the extras. To get the exras, go to the gallery and click on these:

*On the map Fountain Spuare(Not at Night): Click on the "2002" that is over the door on the left (Worth 3%)

*Tower(Interior): Click the button that looks like its the nose of a clown (Worth 3%)

*Castle Gates: Click on the wall left of the Door (Worth 3%)

*City Gates: Click on the Pillar (Worth 3%)

*And last but not least: Telsa's Story and The White Emerald. To get this, go to "Extra" and click on the robot's eyes. When you get this, you can go into the Emeralds section and go through Telsa's Story. The henti is at the begining so careful with the skip button. There will be no choices to make in Telsa's Story but is in important to go through. (Worth 10%)

Congrats! You have just completed the game and
should have 100%!!! A special thanks to Telsa or letting me post this and a very special thanks to Telsa for making an Awesome game!


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2009-01-20 14:50:47

well what u win when u have 100%?cuz i already beated and anything happened

idkmyname13 responds:

You really don't get anything new. You get all the artwork and thats just about it.


2009-09-27 20:01:36

ok.but what about the secrets?i have all of them but i still have 97%

idkmyname13 responds:

Make sure you have gotten them all. You must make sure you have all of the emeralds. You must click on the pictures in the right spot in the gallery. If you did everything, and did it correctly, you should have 100%


2010-03-30 23:51:59

hey what do u mean on telsas story and the white emerald which robot eye are u talking about??


2011-04-13 21:59:29

Thanks this helped me to have the 100% in the game.


2012-05-29 07:35:24

vietboi13 Extras-Extra-Robot's red eyes.